Pavia Intensive School for Advanced Graduate Studies

Western dramaturgy from Antiquity to today


The theme chosen for this edition of the ISAGS is deliberately broad: not only because the dramaturgical device, in its permeability, cuts across multiple disciplinary sectors (literary and philological, musical, theatrical, cinematographic), but because its open notion has always fertilized the intersection between a plurality of artistic languages: textual, visual, performative and auditory. The aim of the School is therefore to highlight, in the long duration of the dramaturgical theories and practices, some of the junctions between these contaminations, as they have manifested themselves in the various literary and spectacular forms of Western culture, with particular attention to the hybridization of genres and to intersemiotic translation: from fiction to word theatre, from musical theatre to scenic writing, to festive dramaturgy, up to the twentieth-century post-dramatic solutions and the new dramaturgies of the screen. In line with this multidisciplinary vocation, it was also decided to accompany lectures with two practical workshops that will allow participants to concretely experience the foundations of the creative process of dramaturgical practices.