Intensive School in Science Communication
University of Pavia

November 15 – 19

The school aims at offering a multi-disciplinary  training approach to scientific communication in the context of research and its translational application. 

The school will take into consideration many different approaches to science communication, including the analysis of its sociological and psychological components, including relevant fields of research that are largely and transversally debated such as Artificial Intelligence. The social, legal and ethical implications of the dissemination of science will also be discussed and analyzed. The school will also offer a basic introduction of the principles of science communication and the many different approaches and theories used to explore its social impact.

The school is directed mainly to:

journalists, psychologists, sociologists, neuroscientists, engineers, jurists, philosophers, and ethicists.

Participants from other fields and from non academic background are also welcomed.

The school is co-organized by the Neuroscience and Society Lab (Department of Brain and behavioral sciences, University of Pavia) and the Center for Ethics in Science and Journalism (Milan).